Singapore Ho!

Good morning everyone!

I’m writing this whilst I’m on the bus to Singapore. It’s 8.51am now and I’m about 2 hours away from Singapore. Just discovered to my horror that not all the seats on Aeroliner have plug points. Thankfully the seat in front of me was empty so I swapped seats! Bwa ha ha ha ha! I’m really looking forward to Singapore. Here’s what I have planned for the next 3 days:

  1. Fireworks & countdown at Marina Bay tonight
  2. Sentosa Island tomorrow
  3. Jurong Birdpark and the Singapore Zoo (maybe)
  4. The much heard about Night Safari
  5. Shopping on Saturday (Funan IT and maybe Orchard for some clothing)

After I drop off my luggage at Hotel 81 Bencoolen, the day starts and I daresay it’s gonna be fun. I hope I can get data access with the Singtel Prepaid SIM that I’ll be purchasing when I get in to Singapore.

Anyways, it’s been a good year overall. Work’s been a blast especially my experiences working with Microsoft on launching Windows 7. Did I mention I love Windows 7 even though I have a Mac? Anyways here are some things that I’m thankful for as I close 2009 and enter 2010:

  1. A tonne of movies with UP, Star Trek & Sherlock Holmes being the most notable
  2. The great friends I have especially my buddies J-son and Roland
  3. My matte black DSi and Metroid Prime Pinball
  4. Windows 7 & Snow Leopard
  5. The Windows 7 experience at work
  6. Blu-rays!
  7. Better performance at work and great colleagues – am definitely much better at delegation and am more confident now in the things I can contribute at the office
  8. Cluster leadership
  9. Finally getting up the 440 Records website with the help of WordPress
  10. My HTC Touch Pro and Unlimited Mobile Internet with Maxis

It’s been an awesome year but it’s been also a challenging one. The one thing I look forward to in 2010 is more restedness in God. Of everything in life; I guess that’s what I find lacking in my life.

Here’s to a good new year’s eve to all of ya, don’t drink too much and don’t strain those necks staring at fireworks in the sky … Happy New Year and I’ll see ya’ll in 2010!


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