The Great But Short June 2011 Singapore Adventure

In 3-and-a-half hours time I leave Singapore. This weekend has been a hit & run and I’m thankful I’ve made the most of it. I managed to pick up a few things too in The Great Singapore Sale which is on right now from 27 May till 24 July plus some other items that aren’t as easy to find back in good ol’ Kay-El.

  1. 2 Polo T’s from Cotton On for just SGD30
  2. 2 Converse T’s for SGD29.90 (one for me and one for my buddy)
  3. Geometry Wars Galaxies for just SGD10
  4. Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for just SGD15
  5. Very hard to find imports of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Kick-Ass on Blu-Ray

And let’s not forget being able to see baby Shane as he was the main reason why this trip happened. Congratulations Gabriel & Grace, may you both have the wisdom & strength to raise him to be a man after God’s own heart just like David. We need more people like that in the world today. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the small yet big thanksgiving thing that you guys threw.

Baby Shane, Mommy & Daddy

Baby Shane, Mommy & Daddy

To top it all off I also got to take a peek of NUS and wow… NUS has got a really beautiful campus.The thanksgiving was held at Kent Ridge Guild House and the food was excellent. I must really tip my hat off to Singaporeans cos’ of the great effort they put to excellence. Mind you that the food was prepared by the folks on campus. Very cool.

On the way to Funan DigitaLife Mall I spotted something very interesting. Here are a few pix I snapped of some very cool evangelistic displays at St. Andrews in the heart of the city. Here’s hoping that these displays will speak of Jesus to people who pass by the church. It’s true that we will never know how the small & simple things can sometimes make a huge difference in a life; especially in the life of a stranger & passerby.

Connect, Connect, Connect

Connect, Connect, Connect

We Can Make a Difference

We Can Make a Difference

The Way

The Way

Kay-El, I shall see you soon.

Till next time.


IDMC 2010!

Hi everyone! I am so looking forward towards this year’s IDMC! The conference has been such a blessing and Ps. Edmund Chan’s sermons have been one of the reasons why I’ve gotten hungrier for God’s Word. I leave for Singapore today and I’m really looking forward to learning more at this year’s IDMC.

This year’s conference is titled “Knowing God’s Word: Moving from the HUH? To the WOW!” and it certainly is gonna be a rush cos’ I’ll arrive just in time for registration this evening. I hope I get to sleep on the bus cos’ I’m not much for sleeping on moving vehicles. Heh heh.

Moving from Huh to WOW!

Moving from Huh to WOW!

I guess God’s Word still leaves me puzzled at times and there’s loads of stuff that I am not applying in my life. There are times when I don’t fully understand some things but I’m thankful that each year that I go through the Bible, I understand His Word better. I’m learning to see Him in all my life now and like I’ve shared in previous posts, there’s just something about thanksgiving that opens up our eyes to Him. A heart without worship and an appreciation love for God blinds us to Him for some reason.

Being able to go for this year’s conference in itself is already a blessing and here’s why:

  • I originally didn’t get a place for sanctuary sitting but sometime early this year a place opened up and God blessed me with a seat.
  • I originally was planning on staying at a hotel but God has blessed me with a host and I’ll be staying with them throughout the next 4 days.
  • I’m thankful cos’ even though I have a lot of responsibilities at work, my management trusts me enough to take these few days off and trust me enough to cover things when I get back.

I don’t want my experience in Singapore to just be an increase in head knowledge and I pray that as God’s Word comes alive in me that my knowledge of Him will become more heart knowledge that will transform me through & through. For that I need to be open to the Holy Spirit and I’m learning that the natural tendency is for us to resist truth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that God wants us to surrender to Him and with that surrender we are to obey as well. It’s not easy to obey God because we don’t really believe that obeying Him leads to good things. And by good things I don’t just mean blessings here on earth but I am also referring to change in character, spiritual gifts, etc. It’s the intangible stuff that we take with us into eternity and sometimes hard lessons in life are the only things that can grow these things in us.

I must admit that it can be a long strenuous journey. At times I feel like giving up but I’m thankful that God comes alongside me to encourage me. I’m thankful too for the many people who have spoken into my life; my parents, my leaders in church and my best friends have all been partners with me in this race.

Anyways, here’s to an exciting time in Singapore and also the opportunity to catch up with some of my good friends there. See ya’ll in a couple of days!

The Melaka-Singapore Adventure

Happy 2010 folks!

To kick-start the new year here are some pix from my week off away from work.

Melaka has changed loads! There’s loads to do now at night especially new attractions like the Melaka River Cruise and the Taming Sari Tower. True to my Malaysian-ness, food was a highlight and I think my mom, dad and I ate up quite a storm in the 3 days and 2 nights we were there.

The fireworks in Singapore were short but it was quite a sight to see Marina Bay in its New Year’s Eve state. Sentosa Island was quite fun but expensive and even with the promo package I took I spent close to SGD70 on the following attractions:

  • The Sentosa 4D Magix pirate theme ride. It was quite a fun experience as you could feel wind, water and stuff that happens for real as you go on a piratey adventure with Leslie Nielsen.
  • The Sentosa CineBlast ride that was all too short. The theme this time round was Log Ride or something like that.
  • Desperados which was a pretty lame digital shoot out game. I scored a crummy 20 points I think.
  • The Parajump which was my Sentosa Island highlight. Making that jump from 5-storeys high was a real experience especially since I had to voluntarily step off the ledge myself.
  • Unlimited Skyrides but I only went on it once. *sighs*

The lights on Orchard Road this year were amazing! I’m glad I got the cabbie to drive me down that stretch of road cos’ I was too tired to hit the Night Safari after my day-long Sentosa Island excursion. All in all my trip down south was a good one – I met up with people, saw sights and most importantly I got to get away from the daily grind to clear my head from the stuff that I’m faced with every day.

Here’s a big hello to 2010 and an even bigger hello to more things to come. Happy New Year everybody!

Singapore Ho!

Good morning everyone!

I’m writing this whilst I’m on the bus to Singapore. It’s 8.51am now and I’m about 2 hours away from Singapore. Just discovered to my horror that not all the seats on Aeroliner have plug points. Thankfully the seat in front of me was empty so I swapped seats! Bwa ha ha ha ha! I’m really looking forward to Singapore. Here’s what I have planned for the next 3 days:

  1. Fireworks & countdown at Marina Bay tonight
  2. Sentosa Island tomorrow
  3. Jurong Birdpark and the Singapore Zoo (maybe)
  4. The much heard about Night Safari
  5. Shopping on Saturday (Funan IT and maybe Orchard for some clothing)

After I drop off my luggage at Hotel 81 Bencoolen, the day starts and I daresay it’s gonna be fun. I hope I can get data access with the Singtel Prepaid SIM that I’ll be purchasing when I get in to Singapore.

Anyways, it’s been a good year overall. Work’s been a blast especially my experiences working with Microsoft on launching Windows 7. Did I mention I love Windows 7 even though I have a Mac? Anyways here are some things that I’m thankful for as I close 2009 and enter 2010:

  1. A tonne of movies with UP, Star Trek & Sherlock Holmes being the most notable
  2. The great friends I have especially my buddies J-son and Roland
  3. My matte black DSi and Metroid Prime Pinball
  4. Windows 7 & Snow Leopard
  5. The Windows 7 experience at work
  6. Blu-rays!
  7. Better performance at work and great colleagues – am definitely much better at delegation and am more confident now in the things I can contribute at the office
  8. Cluster leadership
  9. Finally getting up the 440 Records website with the help of WordPress
  10. My HTC Touch Pro and Unlimited Mobile Internet with Maxis

It’s been an awesome year but it’s been also a challenging one. The one thing I look forward to in 2010 is more restedness in God. Of everything in life; I guess that’s what I find lacking in my life.

Here’s to a good new year’s eve to all of ya, don’t drink too much and don’t strain those necks staring at fireworks in the sky … Happy New Year and I’ll see ya’ll in 2010!

Four Forty Records is LIVE!

440 Records

440 Records

After 3 years and much procrastination I sat down today on my day off and did up a Buy page plus cleaned up the WordPress-powered site that I’ve been working on pretty much alone for my label Four Forty Between Juwita and myself I think we’ve got pretty much all that we need for now to actually move albums on the site. It’s basic but at least we have a proper payment channel via PayPal and good ol’ Pos Malaysia to get CDs out to fans who have trouble finding our stuff in stores.



Liang’s brand new album Rigga.Dang.Digga.Digga is out now! I’ve previewed the album some during production and I really like what he’s done with his sound. Liang’s always been the one in our label to evolve and he’s done a lot with this one. Some of you may like it and some may not but suffice to say it’s hip and very, very current!

I will have to put up Altered Frequency’s Transit and some of our other albums for purchase on the site too but hey I think I’ve done good on my day off from work. 2010’s gonna be a busy year indeed. Am glad that I’ll be in Singapore for a bit to get my head screwed on back straight before we plunge into the new year. I wanna see FIREWORKS! Thanks Reuben for the tip on where to head to for that. Marina Bay here I come!

It’s been a long time coming but here’s to … may it live long and prosper! Visit the site now and get an album whilst you’re at it!

Travel Fever 2007

The past few months have been filled with lotsa traveling. I feel really blessed to be able to go to so many different places and to be able to enjoy myself without pining for someone all the time. I thank God so much for how He’s been working in my heart but there’s still a long way to go to recover after all the hurt that’s been inflicted upon me.

Anyways … just thinking about the places I’ve been to in the past few months amazes me lots. Here’s a list of places that I’ve hit since the start of 2007! I’ll try to put it in chronological order as best I can.

  • Ipoh
  • Singapore (3 times already so far, once for Phantom of the Opera, once for our Esplanade gig & last month for Eagles Leadership Conference)
  • Port Dickson
  • Cambodia
  • Malacca

And in a few days time I’ll be off to Bandung, Indonesia! Yippee! This will be my first time in Indonesia and I am most looking forward to it! I’ll get to see a real live volcano!

It’s been a tiring August filled with travelling plus I’ve been consolidating stuff for our label Four Forty Records. At the same time I’m working through a lot of my personal issues with Ps Mike & my buddy J-son. There’s just so much to do and at times I wonder how God’s gonna fix up the mess in my heart. I memorised Romans 12:12 and have been repeating it to myself daily to help me get through the times when I struggle with hopelessness & the pain that revisits me time & time again. The verse gives me strength and I’m thankful that I have God’s Word to hide in my heart.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction & faithful in prayer.”

Depressing thoughts aside … I had a very memorable weekend hitting Malacca and hanging out a bit with some local celebrities during a shoot with NTV7 on Sunday. Anuar Zain is such a cool guy and it was easy chatting with him while we were eating lunch and waiting for rehearsals to start. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable and it made me realise that celebrities are just people like you and me. 😉

I got to meet Sheila Majid again (last time I met her was at the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 launch) and she’s very, very nice. I am truly privileged to be a part of the music industry and in some ways I still can’t believe I get to meet the very people I used to watch on TV or listen to on the radio. At the same time I’m finding a new faith & belief in Malaysian singers & musicians. I feel ashamed to have not paid more attention because we have such wonderful talent right here in our own backyard … I wish our radio stations would do more to give room for the English scene to grow. We’re missing out on a lot of good music in favour of all the Akons, Gwens & Avrils! We really should give local music a shot cos’ there are real gems there!!!

Cheers & do remember to check out Juwita & the other local artistes I met on TV this Merdeka! Tune in to NTV7 at 8:30pm on the 31st of August to catch the Nite of Soulful Stars Merdeka Special!

That’s enough from me today-lah. Click on the pix below to check out some of the shots I took over last weekend & share a bit of my life in the Malaysian music scene.

Ju @ last weekend's Salvation Army Fund Raiser.

Ju @ last weekend's Salvation Army Fund Raiser.

DiGi CelebriTeen Semi-Finals, Malacca.

DiGi CelebriTeen Semi-Finals, Malacca.

Ju, Anuar Zain, Kathy Ibrahim, Datuk Shake & Sheila Majid.

Ju, Anuar Zain, Kathy Ibrahim, Datuk Shake & Sheila Majid.