Four Forty Records is LIVE!

440 Records

440 Records

After 3 years and much procrastination I sat down today on my day off and did up a Buy page plus cleaned up the WordPress-powered site that I’ve been working on pretty much alone for my label Four Forty Between Juwita and myself I think we’ve got pretty much all that we need for now to actually move albums on the site. It’s basic but at least we have a proper payment channel via PayPal and good ol’ Pos Malaysia to get CDs out to fans who have trouble finding our stuff in stores.



Liang’s brand new album Rigga.Dang.Digga.Digga is out now! I’ve previewed the album some during production and I really like what he’s done with his sound. Liang’s always been the one in our label to evolve and he’s done a lot with this one. Some of you may like it and some may not but suffice to say it’s hip and very, very current!

I will have to put up Altered Frequency’s Transit and some of our other albums for purchase on the site too but hey I think I’ve done good on my day off from work. 2010’s gonna be a busy year indeed. Am glad that I’ll be in Singapore for a bit to get my head screwed on back straight before we plunge into the new year. I wanna see FIREWORKS! Thanks Reuben for the tip on where to head to for that. Marina Bay here I come!

It’s been a long time coming but here’s to … may it live long and prosper! Visit the site now and get an album whilst you’re at it!


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