The Melaka-Singapore Adventure

Happy 2010 folks!

To kick-start the new year here are some pix from my week off away from work.

Melaka has changed loads! There’s loads to do now at night especially new attractions like the Melaka River Cruise and the Taming Sari Tower. True to my Malaysian-ness, food was a highlight and I think my mom, dad and I ate up quite a storm in the 3 days and 2 nights we were there.

The fireworks in Singapore were short but it was quite a sight to see Marina Bay in its New Year’s Eve state. Sentosa Island was quite fun but expensive and even with the promo package I took I spent close to SGD70 on the following attractions:

  • The Sentosa 4D Magix pirate theme ride. It was quite a fun experience as you could feel wind, water and stuff that happens for real as you go on a piratey adventure with Leslie Nielsen.
  • The Sentosa CineBlast ride that was all too short. The theme this time round was Log Ride or something like that.
  • Desperados which was a pretty lame digital shoot out game. I scored a crummy 20 points I think.
  • The Parajump which was my Sentosa Island highlight. Making that jump from 5-storeys high was a real experience especially since I had to voluntarily step off the ledge myself.
  • Unlimited Skyrides but I only went on it once. *sighs*

The lights on Orchard Road this year were amazing! I’m glad I got the cabbie to drive me down that stretch of road cos’ I was too tired to hit the Night Safari after my day-long Sentosa Island excursion. All in all my trip down south was a good one – I met up with people, saw sights and most importantly I got to get away from the daily grind to clear my head from the stuff that I’m faced with every day.

Here’s a big hello to 2010 and an even bigger hello to more things to come. Happy New Year everybody!


3 thoughts on “The Melaka-Singapore Adventure

    • It’s a stall somewhere along the way to Melaka along the trunk roads via Masjid Tanah. If you’ve got GPS plot these co-ordinates in – Position
      N – 02° 19.589’ , E – 102° 07.896’ and Elevation is at +11m. It’s located somewhere amidst a kelapa sawit plantation and lots of people stop by there for cendol and otak-otak. It’s called Warung Kampung Sawit or something like that. I’ll write a more detailed post about Melaka & Singapore once I’ve sorted through all my pix and stuff. Happy New Year btw! 😛

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