Gladiator (Blu-Ray Review)



Ho ho… I just watched the extended version of Gladiator on Blu-Ray last night and I actually finished the movie in one sitting (which is quite an achievement these days). There aren’t many special features on the 10th Anniversary Edition disc and the only notable thing is that you get the theatrical & extended versions of the film in one handy package. If you’re a special feature hound you probably might not want to pick this one up as there aren’t many notable extras to be found.

Gladiator is an epic & violent movie but Russell Crowe’s Maximus is such a strong character that you can’t help but applaud him in his quest to avenge his family and his emperor; Marcus Aurelius. The sets are gorgeous and the cast is a brilliant one. Mix it up with superb Gladiatorial fight scenes and you have a classic that I think will stand the test of time.

Director Ridley Scott made a great epic in Gladiator and since I can’t stand lower res movies these days it made sense to pick this one up as it was one of the movies in the 2 for RM149 promo that HVN is having now. Incidentally I think the promo is still on and if I can find Kung Fu Panda somewhere I’m definitely gonna add another 2 Blu-Rays to my collection.

If you haven’t yet watched Gladiator you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl. I give Gladiator an epic 5 out of 5; a must-watch if you’re serious about movies and especially if you’re a Russell Crowe fan.


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