A Hazy Situation

Haze in KL

Haze in KL

This haze is killing me. Actually this haze is killing us all. The sad part is that the haze doesn’t even originate here in Malaysia but it gets blown over the sea from Indonesia where poor farmers have no choice but to burn their fields in order to clear/fertilise their land. I don’t blame them for choosing their survival over the environment but the sad fact is that our ecosystem is so tightly knit that Malaysia gets affected by something that’s happening hundreds of miles away.

I’ve been thinking about how to solve this problem a little and I’m thinking that instead of wasting resources watching over peaceful rallies like Bersih; our government should focus efforts on solving problems like THE HAZE!

Here’s what I think we can do! Malaysia isn’t a poor nation and if we really put our resources together I think it’d be an awesome thing for us to start up a programme that would enable Indonesian farmers to clear their land without having to burn their fields plus we could put money into an aid programme to help supply fertiliser too. If the Indonesian government can’t afford to do it; why not us? It sure beats monies going into pointless projects such as a mega tower and I think helping Indonesian farmers is a far better use of our tax dollars. I wonder how we can start something like that?

Anyways, it’s something to think about…


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