Questions… Questions

Life's Questions

Life's Questions

It’s been a rough two weeks and the question of where God is in the midst of all this has cropped up a lot more these few weeks. Hearing my mom ask the question of why did God allow this to happen has fired up the same question in me. It’s tough to see mom in a lot of pain and it’s tougher still to have some of these questions running through my head & heart whilst having to assure mom of God’s Presence.

Despite the questioning I have a number of things that I can give thanks to Him for even though things have been rough:

  • I’m thankful that mom wasn’t hurt that bad. From what my dad has told me about her fall I’m thankful that she didn’t suffer anything far worse. It’s already bad enough to have to suffer through a closed-fracture but in the bigger picture I believe God watched over mom and protected her.
  • I’m thankful that the doctors were able to prescribe a painkiller that was safe for mom to use.
  • I’m thankful for all the people in my church and my subzone who rallied around me & my family. A few of us from my subzone met up on Thursday night to pray for my mom and other family members of the leadership who were going through struggles in the area of health.
  • I’m thankful that the orthopedic doctors were able to look at mom’s arm to confirm that it was set properly.
  • I’m thankful for answered prayer cos’ my mom’s creatinine levels are back to normal and also my subzone member Tau Fei’s mom’s blood pressure went down to normal too as a result of Thursday’s prayer meet. Tau Fei’s mom is scheduled for a knee operation on the 3rd of September so do pray for her.

I suppose the way I’ve been dealing with these questions is to replace the questioning with thanksgiving. The question of why in suffering doesn’t have a simple answer. Some say it’s just the fallen nature of the world we live in and I’ve learnt more & more that there is truth in that. I still pray a whole lot to God and I talk to Him daily about stuff and somehow having Him listen helps me get through the tougher moments in life. Many times we try to shape God in our image and expect many things of Him that isn’t really Him. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ravi Zacharias lately and it hit me very hard that instead of making the truth relevant to us; we are actually supposed to learn how to make ourselves relevant to the truth instead. That was quite a revelation and I realise that we all have misconceptions of God because we’ve not been taught well or more likely we form an image of God based on our own ideas & experiences in life.

I’m thankful that the question why bothers me far less now. Why? Because the why of my life has already been answered. Why am I here? To live a life in worship & communion with the Father and through that relationship I am to share His love with others. It doesn’t mean I don’t question the whys of suffering… but it does mean that I am learning how to get through dark & painful times knowing that there is always hope in God. It is that hope that helps us to continue to be encouragers and to be positive even though our world may be falling apart. A life of dependence on God is not weakness. It is strength.

I end today’s post with a quote from an interview with Ravi Zacharias on his book “Has Christianity Failed You?” which I am planning to get.

In surrendering you win. In dying you live.

And that’s exactly what it’s all about. We fight so much and so hard sometimes that we forget Jesus’ call to us is to just surrender and to take up His yoke which is a whole lot lighter than the yoke of the world.


Ohana Means Family



It’s been a rough few days. My mom had a fall last Friday and fractured the upper part of her left arm (above her elbow) but thank God it’s a closed fracture. Seeing a loved one in pain and not being able to do anything about it but to just comfort and pray for her is tough. Thankfully God has answered everyone’s prayers and my mom was just prescribed a painkiller that’s safe for a kidney patient to take. For everyone’s info my mom had a kidney transplant 8 years ago; which is why she couldn’t be prescribed regular painkillers as they interfere with her creatinine levels.

I’m thankful for my extended family in Christ so here’s a full list of emails & SMSes (in no particular order) that I have received in prayer & to encourage me & my family. I’m putting them down here exactly as I received them. There are loads more who are praying and my best buddy (and Zone Leader) J-son has been rallying my subzone to pray too. He’s been such a great encouragement as well and helped point out some alternatives when my mom couldn’t take painkillers at one point.


Lord. I pray tat everything will be fine n there will be no complication. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Lynda Ling.

Opps! Ok will pray for recovery for her.
Dorothy Fong.

Oh m so sory to hear tat. Dun wory bro, will pray for her.
Tau Fei.

OK bro.. will keep her in prayer ūüôā remember that God is good all the times ūüôā
Roland Shau.

Hi bro, will pray for ur mom. Take care

Hello bro, yes it is hard to see any of our family members hurting and yet there’s limit to wat we do. But we’ll stand in agreement and pray to our limitless God to heal and help your mom.
Andrew Tan.

Holy Spirit, let Your touch sooth Auntie’s shoulder as she sees the nefrologist for pain medication. I ask for Your healing hand to give Auntie relief as she heals from this fall. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Gerald Lee.

Pray dat everything goes well 4ur mum. Pray 4 pain 2subside. In jesus name amen!
Jaclyn Teh.

Oh no did she fall due to a miss step and trip or she suddenly weak or faint then she fell? Dear Father i pray there are no critical injuries as a result of the fall you just be with aunty right now and comfort her and strengthen her bones and body for speedy recovery. In Jesus might name amen.

Father i pray for wisdom for the doctors treating your mum and i pray for immense strength on your mum that her mind and heart be strong that Lord you will minister to her and comfort her even in her pain.  Ask for your miraculous healing and miraculous pain relief even right Now. In Jesus mighty name Amen
Esther Chen.

Heaven father, i commit Chris’ mum on to ur hands that she will be healed soonest and completely. May Ur comfort upon Chris, his and family members. Provide them strength and reduce her pain and hv good rest as well the Dr and nurses provide proper treatment and advices on physio theraphy to regain the usual movement soonest. In Jesus name I pray.
Eunice Chang.


Ooh, it’s gonna be inconvenient for her for awhile but she’ll heal! By faith. GOD is good ūüôā
Jehanne Goh.

Hope she get’s well soon. Will definitely keep your mum in our prayer.
Ling Yew.

Hi Chris ,
We pray may the healing hand of the Lord touch your mum even as she is being treated right now. Our God is  a God who heals. We pray God will bring a speedy recovery of the fracture.
Richard Yeo.

Dear Lord, thank you for protecting Chris’ mom – hope her guardian angel is¬†not too badly hurt from buffering her fall. Please continue to be gentle¬†with Chris’ mom as she goes through this healing process; that she will be¬†comfortable as she manages her daily activities with only her right hand¬†for the period of healing. We pray that the fracture heals well and if¬†possible, please quicken it but not if it compromises the healing.¬†We just pray for your time, not ours.¬†In Jesus most precious name, Amen

Auntie Stella.


Let not your worries trouble you.

Praying for a quick healing to take place upon your mom and that she’ll be restored to the full.

If you’re heading to Bentong, do drive safely.

God bless,
Ronnie & Ivy.

Lord, we know you watches over us & knew our desire as we uphold Chris’s mum before you.

May your joy be Chris & his mum’s strength. Embrace them so they know, they are not alone. Lord Jesus, reveal your goodness & be merciful to this family. Remember them and turn your face upon this family in this situation that they will be able to turn their sadness into rejoices.

Lily Wong.

Dear Chris,

With prayers that your mum will have a quick recovery and that she will receive the best treatment that is available. More importantly, we plead Your special covering upon her especially at his time and may Your healing touch be upon her.

God bless – Lee King.


I ask for Your healing Hand to be on Chris’ mom right now. Grant her reprive from the pain so she can sleep well tonight and be rested for tomorrow. May it be that uncle will agree to take her to KLGH so that her shoulder can be set properly and heal in the correct way.

We thank You for Your abundance grace and mercy over our lives, and that You always have our best interest at heart. Grant us faith to believe You for all You are and will be.

In Jesus’ name,

Gerald Lee.

Dear Chris,

We are praying for your mum. God is healing her…

Take care,
RolandOng & KP.

sure, will keep that in my daily prayer! take care!
Swee Yuen.

Hi Chris, we are praying for your mom too. God bless, Jason & Ai Chin.


Praying for your mum. Take care.
Yoke Pheng.


Appreciate your great example of looking after your mum. Will pray for her speedy recovery in view of all that

she had been through. Regards to your dad as well.

Pr Chris.

Hi Chris,

Continue to claim the Word of God for a speedy recovery for you mum.

‘The word of God is quick,and powerful,and sharper than any two-edged sword¬†piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and morrow¬†and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart’

Continue to claim the Word of God for a speedy recovery for your mum.

God Bless,Chris.
Richard Yeo.

Dear Chris,

With prayers that the fracture will be re-set properly and that the doctors attending to your mum will operate with all skill and dilligence. And may you and family find strength from Him to cope with all things especially at this time.

God bless – Lee King.

“Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

Thank you everyone for all your prayer and support. This blog post is for all of you.

An Honest Plea

May the LORD answer you when you are in distress;
may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.
May He send you help from the sanctuary
and grant you support from Zion.
May He remember all your sacrifices
and accept your burnt offerings.
May He give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed.
We will shout for joy when You are victorious
and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.
May the LORD grant all your requests.
Now I know that the LORD saves His anointed;
He answers him from His holy heaven
with the saving power of His right hand.
Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
They are brought to their knees and fall,
but we rise up and stand firm.
O LORD, save the king!
Answer us when we call!
~Psalm 20~

In the Psalm above King David cries out to the Lord from the depths of his heart. That’s what I like most about the book of Psalms. It’s honest. There are no pretenses in King David’s pleas which encourages me to be honest with God too.

When I’m feeling distressed or frustrated I have the assurance that God can and will do something in His time. God’s timing is always best and it’s something that I’m learning to trust in more and more as the days go by. The great thing is that with more trust equals less frustration & distress; which equals more peace in my heart.

Some things in life just need time in order to reach its full fruition and it’s a great comfort to know that we can be honest with God about how we feel. He’s a great listener and unlike most listeners God can do something about the stuff that we’ve told Him. We can count on that!

Turning 32 & More

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in ages so I guess I better say a few words after turning 32 last Tuesday.

Before I ramble on I really wanna thank everyone who were a part of making my birthday a really good one this year. I’m overwhelmed by the number of Facebook messages and SMSes that came in. Some were early, some were on time and some were late but the thought that went into it really showed.

Here are some highlights in bulleted form so that I don’t bore any of you with too many words. ūüėõ

  • An early birthday cake on the 3rd of March when I popped by a cell group that was meeting at my buddy J-son’s house.

An early birthday cake!

  • A feast of gourmet sausages and pasta with the members of my Mentoring & Accountability Group on 8th March. Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes and the eat the cake with candle challenge! And thanks for the blessings that you wished upon me.
  • My actual birthday started off with a boatload of Facebook messages, SMSes and the present of a laptop bag from my brother Luke. There were some calls throughout the day too. It was marred somewhat by my cough but on the whole I had a great day with the treat of a banana chocolate cake and a Star Wars Homing Spider Droid from my colleagues. I capped it off with a nice black pepper crab dinner with my family before succumbing to my cough that had me sick leave on Wednesday and Thursday.

    I spy a laptop bag wrapped in paper...

    A companion for my lone Trade Federation droid at home

    A companion for my lone Trade Federation droid at home

  • Last but not least, my subzone mates celebrated my birthday on Friday with some pressies and really awesome Birthday Tag Book that was handmade by my best bud’s wife. She’s even got a YouTube video up that explains what it all means. Thanks guys!
12th March pressies!

12th March pressies!

A really nice G2000 shirt!

A really nice G2000 shirt!

The awesomely crafted Birthday Tag Book

The awesomely crafted Birthday Tag Book

Last but not least I wanna thank God cos’ my mom (who has been struggling through a very bad eye infection) was a whole lot better on my birthday; which is the best birthday gift of all. There were many other things that I could’ve asked God for but I decided that the best birthday gift would be to have mom better and I’m thankful that He answered that prayer.

Anyways, thank you everyone for making my birthday a good one. I wish all of you many good things too in whatever place of life you’re in!

Better Than Google

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds;
and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Something I read this morning that reminds me that we can ask Him for our deepest desires and that we can trust that they will come to pass in His timing. The key words here are “His timing” cos’ most times we human beings are impatient creatures and we always want things to happen OUR WAY, NOW!

Life in my opinion can be better & happier if only we learn patience and trust. We are human. We can’t see beyond the now and even if we could I think we wouldn’t be able to handle the enormity of the future very well. I keep reminding myself time and time again to stay in the present and to be thankful for what I already have. He will provide for the things that I need in time – again the key word here is “need” and strangely enough He doesn’t just bless us with our needs but He goes beyond and blesses us with our wants & more! How? Here’s an example of God blessing me with more than I asked.

Asking Him? Way better than Googling. Definitely.

Asking Him? Way better than Googling. Definitely.

The job I’m at now is more than I asked for. Sure it’s more responsibility but more importantly it’s more than what I originally intended in terms of finances. When I first started work last year I was just looking for something part-time but the amazing thing is that I was offered a full-time position (with more money of course) but more importantly I found a company with great management that believes in me. Being where I am at now is pretty amazing if you consider that I was out of the industry for quite a long while doing music. It is a challenge trying to juggle everything in life but as I sit here at y desk this morning and remember Him for the blessings that He has brought into my life, I know that He has given me more than I asked for and in everything that I hope for now I can trust Him in that.

What is the coolest thing about my job now? Well … it’s small I know but I can’t help but wake up every day and feel thrilled to be using Microsoft’s newest OS before any one else. Maybe it’s the geek in me or its just the fact that I like getting in on new things like sneak peeks and such. That’s one thing that I can be thankful for today. Before I sign off I’d like to leave all of you with the following.

“Remember Him for His goodness today for the things that are to come tomorrow.”

My Uncle Teong

It’s been a difficult year. First Connor. Now my Uncle Teong is in ICU. He had two heart attacks this week and my whole family is down in Johore now. The first a mild one on Monday and then the 2nd and more severe one somewhere in the middle of the week.

Seeing him was sad and they are much more stricter here. I held his hand for a bit and as I think about it now I just didn’t know what to say to him. It was difficult enough seeing Connor through his battle and now this.

I don’t know what to pray for … part of me prays for healing and wholeness but after losing Connor I just don’t know anymore. I suddenly realise now that I do not have any pictures of him at all … only memories of him in my head.

To everyone of you who reads this … Do cover my uncle in prayer. I asked God if He would reveal Himself to Uncle Teong at the very least. Could you guys please pray with me on that? And also for him to pull through … so much of me wants to see him pull through.

An Encouraging Update About Connor!

Prayer makes a difference!

Prayer makes a difference!

Hi everyone,

What a difference 24 hours of prayer makes! He’s looking great. Even though the tube’s still up through his nose he looks so much more comfortable. And he’s so much stronger! Seeing him this evening really made my day & week. I am so happy & thankful for how much God is doing.

And you know what? I prayed for him today and after I said amen … I looked up and I saw his breathing rate was at 20-something! Wow … Prayer is really awesome. But then when I stopped praying it went up again to about 30-something 40. Man! I should have claimed with more faith!

His breathing readings are different. I looked at the squiggly line reading on the screen of the apparatus that monitors Connor’s vitals and it’s different. The readings for his respiratory rate are more consistent & squarish instead of being squiggly & wavy. I think that means that his breathing is stable now and more consistent. I dunno how to explain la … I’m not doctor.

But suffice to say I am so happy that Connor is doing so much better!