A Tribute to Mummy


My beloved mother

It’s Mother’s Day today and I’m not gonna be able to celebrate it with my mom but nevertheless I can still tell the world how much I love her so here goes…

Mummy’s passing last Wednesday was sudden and it was a shock to all of us but in a sense it was not a surprise because in His grace & mercy God gave my family ample time to love her all these 13 years since she got a second lease of life from a kidney transplant. I have no regrets in things with mummy because she knew I loved her and I was able to bless mummy with many chats, meals, movies and many nice things. Mummy also could see in me a love for God which she desired for me and the family because of her own walk with Jesus.

In His grace through a prophecy our family was always aware that God had blessed mummy with 10 years of life from the date of her kidney transplant and amazingly enough in His generosity God gave mummy another extra 3 years. For that I can never thank God enough for His goodness and for the extra 3 years of super good health that mummy enjoyed. In these 3 years mummy has traveled so much and just last year finally managed to visit the U.S. to spend an extended time with my aunt, uncle and cousins there. Even though it was a difficult time for me and I needed my parents’ support at that time I’m glad that mummy could go there. The beauty of it was that mummy & daddy could still support me through the wonder of technology via FaceTime on her iPad and I could see that even though mummy & daddy were in pain as well because of my suffering they truly were blessed with a wonderful time in Boston, New York & Washington D.C. with Auntie Ivy & Uncle Mike.

Mummy, I’ll miss you. I’ll miss having you around. I’ll miss you puttering about doing all kinds of things to love our family. I’ll miss the sound of your voice. I’ll miss calling you on the phone. I’ll miss WhatsApping you. I’ll miss the sight of you sitting on the bed or on the couch with your iPad playing games or just reading articles. I’ll miss the encouraging emails you forward to me and I’ll miss most of all the love that you have showered upon me, daddy and Kit. It is because of you that I have come to know Jesus in such a deep way. Your life had so much of Him and if not for you I would not be able to love the Word of God as much as I do and I would not be holding on so tight to Him in the midst of the great storm of the past year.

I love you mummy and in these few days I have seen just how much you have loved others by the presence of all the people who came for your wake and for your funeral. I can accept that you have gone Home to be with Jesus and I know that you are in a much better place. John 14:2-4 gives me that assurance that I will see my mummy again one day and in His grace when the passage was read on Thursday morning by Pr. Paul Christie an image of mummy sitting by a the sunlight in a beautiful white room flashed in my mind’s eye. Mummy looked up at me and she smiled.

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

Indeed we know where mummy is now and the Bible gives us that assurance time and time again. Mummy had to suffer for many years because of sickness and now she is in a place free of sickness, tears & suffering. She is home and one day daddy, Kit, Hoon and myself will be reunited with her when we too go the way of the earth.

Good-bye Mummy. I’ll see you again one day in that City on a Hill in the Presence of our Saviour; where all will be made right and all the pain that we have experienced here on this earth would be lost in the sea of His great love.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mummy

  1. An awesome tribute to your dear mummy, a lady full of smiles, compassion and love. I remember her for her friendly affection and humanity. God keep her in your safe hands and bless her family with happiness and good health. Amen

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