Prometheus (Movie Review)



Ridley Scott’s return to the world he created in Alien is a decent one. It’s a compelling watch but in typical Alien-fashion you can’t help but know that the entire cast is marching inexorably towards certain doom.

The biggest problem I have with Prometheus is the fact that the entire mystery of the xenomorphs gets dissipated at the end of the film. Also there are quite a few holes in the plot that doesn’t quite add up and the question of the origin of man that figures as one of the themes doesn’t quite work as well as it should.

The cast deserves a special mention especially Michael Fassbender who plays the synth David 8 and even though she doesn’t make quite as big a role as she did in Snow White and the Huntsman, it’s nice to see Charlize Theron making a come back.

I give Prometheus a xenomorphic 3 out of 5.


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