Three Things NOT to Do on a Run

Hitting the Trail

Hitting the Trail

The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 has come and gone but the experience this year was really enjoyable despite me walking across the finish line with a time of approximately 1 hour and 31 minutes. My left knee really hurt in the final 2km stretch but I’m glad I pushed myself this time round. This is the first time ever that I walked across the finish line (which kinda sucks).

Anyways, here are my mistakes that caused me to underperform this year so listen up! These 3 things should be basic for most runners I think but I’m gonna outline them anyway.

1. Overconfidence. Don’t be overconfident. Every race is unique even though you’ve done the route before. Your body’s condition will always be different in every race.

2. Pushing yourself early. Pace yourself. If you’re a slow runner like me then it’s best that you start pushing yourself closer towards the 6 pr 7km mark in a 10km race. I started fast and maintained a faster than normal pace for at least 6km but I think my left knee couldn’t take it.

3. Not drinking any water. Take every water stop you can get OR have water on you. For this race I didn’t stop for any water at all which might have contributed to my knee getting busted a wee bit.

There you have it. 3 things not to do in a race. I paid for it by missing out in running for about a week.

On another note, I highly recommend PBIM to all runners cos’ running across the Penang Bridge and experiencing the sunrise is awesome. It’s stuff that money cannot buy.


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