Cowboys & Aliens (Movie Review)

Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens

I didn’t feel like going home today after church so I absconded my mom & brother to KLCC to catch Cowboys & Aliens and I expected a B-grade-ish kinda watch. With a title like “Cowboys & Aliens” what would you expect? I’m glad I gave this one a spin cos’ it was a really really good mix of sci-fi & western action.

Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford made for a strong pairing and it didn’t hurt that Olivia Wilde is sight for sore eyes. The pair of Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman did a bang up job with the screenplay and kudos too to Jon Favreau for actually topping Iron Man in this one.

The movie starts off with enough mystery & viewers to lead viewers into the story and from that point onwards it’s hook, line & sinker! Cowboys & Aliens had it all! Great action. Great characters. Touching moments. And of course let’s not forget pretty cool special effects.

I really enjoyed this one and IMHO it’s a sleeper hit. The only problem is that it’ll probably only be watched by those who can get beyond the corny & deceiving movie title. Cowboys & Aliens is a must-watch!!!

I give this one a gun-zapping and lasso-tossing 5 out of 5!


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