Green Zone (DVD Review)

Green Zone

Green Zone

I picked this one up over the weekend in a 2 for RM49 deal that HVN has been having and I’m pretty glad I did. Matt Damon is great in these kind of military thrillers and he does it again in Green Zone.

Compared to my lackluster experience watching Transformers 3 on Saturday, my Sunday viewing of Green Zone proved to be a much enjoyable experience. The plot was thick and there was just enough real-world material about the U.S. invasion of Iraq to hold it all together. The absence of WMDs after the invasion really does raise a lot of questions about the invasion and this movie plays on that fact. I honestly don’t know if there’s any basis to the movie but I would definitely recommend Green Zone to anyone who likes military thrillers/dramas.

The movie has a pretty strong cast and there’s quite a good showing of military tactics and operations displayed throughout the film with the question of patriotism being the main thematic on show here. The script is tight and the movie moves along at a nice pace which is why I give Green Zone a solid 4 out of 5.


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