GPS Frustrations

GPS Woes

GPS Woes

I’ve been using GPS-based devices for quite a while now and I still can’t figure out why I lock-ons are so erratic. It’s quite annoying really and I probably need to do some research on the Internet to figure this out or I’ll just end up being frustrated a lot.

Here’s some advice that I’ve gotten from others on how to get accurate lock-ons which I ultimately can’t verify fully as I’ve tried them in different combinations with varying effect.

  • Fact or Myth #1: You need to get true Line of Site (LOS) in an open space
  • Fact or Myth #2: You need to be still and stay in one location in order to get a lock-on

Actually those are the only two things I know on how to get GPS lock-ons and I have at least 3 devices that have GPS but I seem to have trouble with them on most occasions. The best performing one I have is my Garmin Nuvi, followed by my T-Mobile G2 and lastly my new Timex Global Trainer. I need to do more research.

My Timex COULD NOT LOCK-ON at all this morning on my run even with me spending 10minutes or so sitting on a bench to allow it to get a lock. Gah! I feel like I’ve wasted my money on it.


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