SCKLM 2011 Pre-Race Nerves

SCKLM 2011

SCKLM 2011

It’s 3 in the morning and I’ve slept very little. This feels very much like my first run last year at the Penang Bridge International Marathon. Heh… looks like even though I have more experience running on the open road I’ll probably always feel this way before a race.

So… what’s different this time round as I head into my 2nd run?

  • I’m not as fearful. I was super freaked out when I first hit the 10km category in Penang. Am calmer now.
  • I’m more confident of finishing the run but am not too sure if I’ll be able to beat my 1:17 time in Penang.
  • I scrounged up a waist pouch to hold some money & my IC. It beats the sling pouch I use on my weekly runs.
  • I just picked up a Timex Global Trainer GPS today which should help me measure my performance & pace. A darn expensive purchase but a worthwhile one as I intend to run long-term.

What’s remained the same?

  • I still can’t sleep the night before the race. Heh heh!
  • I still have to get to the race start point and even though I’m on home turf I can’t drive cos’ the road closures would make it puh-retty confusing to get there.
  • I won’t take my phone with me. The less I have on me the easier it’d be to run. What this means is that I’ll be unreachable until I get back home later in the morning.

Anways, the race is in a couple of hours so I’m gonna try to get a bit of sleep. All the best to every runner out there. Run the best you can, be the best you can.


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