Quick GL Fact #2: The Power Ring

Power Ring

Power Ring

Today we’re gonna be talking about the source of a Green Lantern’s power; the Power Ring. All Green Lanterns harness the Green Light of Will through their Power Rings. A Green Lantern’s Power Ring gives them the following abilities:

  • The power of flight
  • Go on the offensive by firing blasts of concussive force
  • Create a force field of sorts that allows them to breathe in space & protects them
  • And this is the kicker, a Power Ring lets Green Lanterns create physical constructs of anything they can imagine
Power Battery

Power Battery

Power Rings needs to be charged on a daily basis by a Power Battery that draws its power from the Central Power Battery that is housed on the Planet OA. The Central Power Battery draws and collects willpower from sentient beings throughout the universe. Willpower is the source of a Green Lantern’s power and a Power Ring allows them to channel that power through their own willpower. Power Rings get discharged through use hence the need to constantly recharge them through a Lantern’s Power Battery.

If you read enough Green Lantern books you’ll discover that there are other rings out there that harness power from an emotional spectrum with the Green Light of Willpower being the most powerful (apparently).

You can read more about the emotional spectrum that’s becoming central to the Green Lantern universe here.


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