Quick GL Fact #1: The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps

As a precursor to the movie, I’m launching a series on background information to the Green Lantern movie that just opened here in Malaysian shores last night.

Fact #1: There’s more than one Green Lantern in the universe; in fact there are 3,600 Green Lanterns who originate from thousands of worlds. 1 Green Lantern protects a sector of space containing a host of planets. For e.g. Earth sits in Sector 2814 and Hal Jordan would be responsible for all the planets in our system. That’s a lot of worlds to protect…

The movie bases this fact on the original Corps structure from the 80’s and 90’s I believe. The current incarnation of the Green Lantern Corps in the DCU features 2 Green Lanterns who partner each other to protect & defend their sectors. I guess it’d have been crazy to design 7,200 different aliens for the movie so it’s quite an amazing sight to see the Corps in all its glory on celluloid.

Think of the Green Lantern Corps as an intergalactic peace-keeping & police force and that pretty much sums up the organisation. So yep… look out for lots of interesting & diverse aliens if you get the chance to catch Green Lantern on the big-screen.

Of special note would be these iconic characters whom play a huge part in making the comic books rich:

  • Abin Sur: Even though he’s dead his legacy shapes Hal Jordan in many ways
  • Sinestro: This guy here is an essential character in the Green Lantern mythos
  • Kilowog: This huge alien trains every Green Lantern recruit
  • Tomar-Re: If I’m not wrong, this bird/fish-like alien was one of the first few Corps members to welcome Hal Jordan into their ranks; sadly he’s dead now in the DCU

Stay tuned for more Quick GL Facts in the coming days. I’ll try to put up one fact a day so as not to overload ya’ll!


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