Super 8 (Movie Review)

Super 8

Super 8

Awesome! That’s how I’d describe JJ Abrams new sci-fi flick Super 8. It’s got a great cast of kids and the plot’s pretty OK but what’s cool is the way that Abrams sucks you back to 1979 at the height of the UFO craze (at least I think that’s when UFOs were popular).

Super 8 is equal parts drama & sci-fi driven with just the right amount of special effects to make it a good watch.

The cast does an impressive job and hats off to the makers for picking the two teenaged leads; Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning (Dakota Fanning’s sister). Early Edition’s Kyle Chandler is in this one too. I haven’t seen him in a loooong time so it’s pretty cool that he’s in this one.

I give Super 8 a scientifically cool 5 out of 5. It’s a must-watch!


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