Secret Identity (Comic Book Review)

Secret Identity

Secret Identity

I read “Secret Identity” again recently and decided to pull out an old review I wrote off my old Multiply site (which reminds me that I never did get around to porting all my old reviews over to WordPress).

A story about a young boy named Clark who finds out he has the powers of Superman one day. Sounds familiar no? But interestingly enough Kurt Busiek does it differently and we find in this book a tale strangely familiar but with enough of the real world to make it a good read. Books like these are a treat and they make me realise just how overlooked comic books are in literature. I think they are far harder books to make cos’ there has to be a delicate balance between it being art and being literature.

I would have liked this book more if not for Stuart Immonen’s artwork. Nevertheless the book would have been very different if not for the way he illustrated it. I suppose it made it all the more real and I finished the book in one sitting. I wasn’t that difficult to read and it was thought provoking. I guess that’s why I love super heroes … it makes me wanna be one in my own life. To be someone who can make a difference because of who God made me to be; not with super powers but by just being me.

Give this one a read because it’s a beautiful story and you’d appreciate the power of the medium. Still I’m such a kid and I would have loved some action with some super villains; heh heh!

Reading it again now that I’m a little older (and wiser), I take back what I wrote about Stuart Immonen’s artwork. Sure… he’s no Chris Bachalo but I’m learning more and more that an artist’s style lends itself well to different tales. In the case of “Secret Identity”, Immonen’s work suits the tone of the book perfectly.

I took more time this time round to savour the story and the art instead of zipping through it like when I first got it which made for a better experience. Kurt Busiek’s unorthodox take on the Superman character is still as great as ever.

My Multiply review gave “Secret Identity” a 4 out of 5 but I’ve read more Superman books since then and I’d like to up my rating by giving it a 5 out of 5. There aren’t that many stories quite like this about the Man of Steel which makes “Secret Identity” a rare treat even if you’re not a fan of the character or medium. Don’t miss out!


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