Hero City on Facebook

Hero City on Facebook

Hero City on Facebook

I just stumbled upon this game in the past few days courtesy of a friend and despite it being another one of those build & collect sims that’s all over Facebook I found myself coming back to it time & time again because it’s a game about superheroes.

It’s a pretty simple game to pick up & play and it doesn’t really require a lot of investment of your time. I leave it running at work and I’ve been able to progress at a pretty quick pace because of that. The game’s a good stress reliever and whenever I feel overwhelmed or stumped I’ve been playing a bit of Hero City here and there during office hours (shhhhh… don’t tell my boss).

The game is simple. Just build up your city with various buildings and assemble a league of heroes as your city grows. While you’re at it, you get to send your heroes out into the world to battle crime & evil villains at various hotspots around the world.

Hero City features a few different commodities you need to manage in order to progress in the game:

  1. Energy: Energy allows you to undertake actions which gets replenished over time (similar to Zynga’s Vampire Wars, etc)
  2. Coins: In-game currency that allows you to build new structures &  manufacture items
  3. Atoms: You need this as a sort of raw material that allows you to manufacture items that are needed to construct/upgrade some of your buildings
  4. XP: Experience points are gained that levels up your city; thus allowing you access to new buildings, heroes and new hotspots on the world map to battle crime
  5. Hero XP: Experience points that your heroes gain for every mission they complete (I suppose this makes em’ more powerful)
  6. Manufactured Items: You build various items that are then used to upgrade buildings
  7. Collectibles: Random items that have no use whatsoever at this point in time

The game is still in Beta but it’s pretty fun and the heroes are patterned after established heroes with zany names. If you’re a fan of Marvel & DC Comics I’m sure you’d be able to spot the references.

What’s annoying about Hero City (as it is with any other Facebook game of this nature) is the fact that the gameplay forces you to get/give help to other people. Of course as a Internet professional I recognise this as a brilliant way to grow your user base but nevertheless it’s an annoying feature.

On another note, this is the first game that I’ve seen using Facebook Credits and to access some items in the game you gotta shell out real dough (maybe I’ll give it a try to get a feel of the process involved in purchasing Facebook Credits).

Give Hero City a spin here.

Pro-tip: Some heroes have the ability to generate a radius-based field around their homes that give bonuses to businesses. Position these houses well and the bonuses stack!


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