Game Dev Story (Android Game Review)

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

For some reason I’ve been obsessed with this ridiculously simple game that I just picked up from the Android Marketplace (upon the recommendation of my Gamer Hideout compadre Eddy). I find it therapeutic to go through the wash and repeat cycle of picking a game genre, then picking a game type and setting a budget to create the perfect game. Heh heh… I’m digressing so on to the review.

Your very own game studio!

Your very own game studio!

Game Dev Story by Kairosoft is a simple game with charming bitmap-styled graphics. If you like stats-driven games, you’d probably like this one. It’s the kind of game that RPG level-grinders like and there is enough of a random element that keeps you coming back for more.

The main game tasks you with making as much money within 20 years before breaking out into free-play mode with an indefinite timeline. I’ve done 2 play throughs and my hi-score stands at 360,569,400.00 bucks! YES! I even named my game studio after my company for kicks. The game version of Fuel had a HUGE hit in a snowboarding game I named “Slopes SX” and we sold 52,473,356 units! Sigh… how I wish we can hit that kind of sales at work.

Here’s the low-down on the gameplay. You start off with 2 staff and you basically expand the team to a maximum size of 8. Game Dev Story’s gameplay can be broken down into 3 main segments:

Segment 1: Make money by developing new games & sequels, doing contract work for other people or building your very own console

  1. Pick the Platform, Genre, Type and the development Direction you wanna head in with your new game
  2. You then go through a rinse, wash and repeat cycle of picking staff to lead the 4 stages of development
    • Write a game proposal
    • Enhance your game’s graphics
    • Enhance your game’s sound
  3. There’s just enough randomness to ensure that every outcome is different in the 4 stats (Fun, Creativity, Graphics & Sound) of the game being developed plus let’s not forget random events that could make or break the game that you are developing
  4. Once a game is completed 4 critics will then rate your game before it is released
  5. Then you sit back and watch the game go up the charts

Segment 2: Recruiting and powering up your employees to unlock new game Genres & Types (you can also dismiss em’)

Segment 3: Advertising your games & building your studio’s fanbase



Along the way you get to attend Gamedex (a fictional gaming expo) and earn awards at the Global Game Awards. Game Dev Story is light on features but it has enough elements that would appeal to brain-tired people like me who don’t wanna do much after a long day at work. The game’s simple enough to pick up and it should keep you occupied for quite a fair bit. If you live and breathe video games this one’s a fun spin on your Android or iOS device.

In the meantime, I better get back to developing the ultimate game so I can get a perfect score of 10 from the critics. I give Game Dev Story an addictively fun 4 out of 5.

Pro-Tip: To get a Hardware Engineer you need to level up an employee to 5 in all available jobs. Then and ONLY then can you develop your very own console.


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