Coming Soon! X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

As a huge fan of the X-Men and having grown up with them as a teen I am pretty stoked with the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. Hopefully it’d be a return to form for the franchise as the last 2 movies were pretty crappy. X-Men United was a total waste of time and the same goes for Wolverine: Origins. The Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK and mutants.



What else can we look forward to in the new movie? A young Magneto is worth a visit and featuring him makes the movie a whole lot more interesting. Hopefully the makers would do justice in portraying Xavier’s complex relationship with the his friend & foe. Michael Fassbender certainly looks the part so here’s hoping that he’ll be able to pull it off. I’ve gained a greater respect for the character since my recent acquisition of Magneto Testament and it’d be a blast to see the Master of Magnetism on the side of the angels this time around.

X-Men: First Class opens 2 June.


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