Fruit Ninja (Android Game Review)

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

I’m late to the party but it’s never too late for Fruit Ninja! With the recent coming of Google Checkout to Malaysian shores I’ve been a lil’ bit trigger happy makin’ purchases on the Android Marketplace. Since apps are kinda cheap I caved acquired the latest build of Fruit Ninja (ver. 1.5.4) and after spending some extended time with it I’m now a certified fan.

Slicing fruit has never been so fun (I should know cos’ I’m not that great at slicing real fruit). The game mechanics are simple:

  1. Slice the fruit
  2. Get combos (slice 3 or more fruit with 1 swipe)
  3. Avoid slicing them bombs
  4. Avoid unsliced fruit falling off-screen
Fruit Ninja Gameplay

Fruit Ninja Gameplay

Fruit Ninja is such a deceptively simple game but there’s just enough challenge to make it addictive and have you coming back for more. Halfbrick Studios have definitely got a great game and hopefully they’ll be back with Fruit Ninja 2 that enhances what they already have now (more Combo types perhaps?). Version 1.5.4 comes with 3 game modes:

  1. Classic Mode in which you need to avoid slicing bombs and keep unsliced fruit from falling
  2. Zen Mode that gives you 90secs to slice as many fruit as possible
  3. Arcade Mode that gives you 1min to slice as many fruit as possible plus introduces power up fruit that doubles points, freezes time or spits out extra fruit in a frenzy

The game costs AUD1.29 on the Android Marketplace and seeing as how I really do want to support developers for their efforts it’s not too bad a price to pay for a cool game like this. The great news is that Fruit Ninja 1.5.4 has been optimised for more phones now and it plays like a dream on my T-Mobile G2.

I give Fruit Ninja a fruity 5 out of 5. It’s a keeper.


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