2 Things I Learnt in Port Dickson

Sunset in Teluk Kemang

Sunset in Teluk Kemang

I didn’t really do much in Port Dickson but in the two things I did do I asked God to teach me something and here are gems that I gleaned from two very simple activities:

The Trek

On Sunday evening I wanted to catch the sunset and so I set out to the lighthouse at Teluk Rachado. I was there way early and spied a small trail that led into the jungle. I figured that I had all the time in the world and decided to see where the trail led. The path wound downhill and much to my chagrin it ended by the sea in a secluded cove that wasn’t at all attractive. The trek back up was torturous and even though I’m kinda fit it was a labourous climb back up.

The Lesson:

It can be easy to explore the trail but the way back can be tough and you’ll find at times that what’s waiting at the end of the trail ain’t as great as what you expect/hope it to be. Much like life, our curiosity gets the better of us most times and what we think we want may disappoint us in the end. The journey to get back to where we were can be long & hard but if we have the right perspective of things then we’ll realise that it’s the journey that counts and not so much the destination.

The Sunset

My lighthouse trip to catch the sunset was a bust cos’ the sky was overcast and the sun couldn’t breakthrough the clouds. Disappointed I decided to just head on down and stop by the beach instead cos’ I was looking for a place to run. I hit Teluk Kemang on my way back to my hotel and God had a big surprise for me there cos’ the sunset I wanted to see was waiting for me right at the beach!

The Lesson:

Awesome sunsets can be found at an easy to get to location; you don’t always have to go up to the lighthouse to see it. What I learnt is that we don’t always have to work so hard or go so far to get what we want. Sometimes or quite likely most times, God is ready to just bless us if we could only just be patient and if we would just trust Him as we ask. I went up a hill to looking for a sunset but it wasn’t there. Who knew that it was actually waiting or me by the beach and I didn’t even need to trek to get to it.

I could qualify all the above with a verse or two from the Bible but I’ll leave it to you guys to discover some of them for yourselves (or maybe I’m just too lazy… heh).


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