He Showed Up

Hi everyone!

The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

I’m back from Port Dickson and God definitely showed up there. I actually finished reading two books and the awesome part is that the two books made more sense when I got home late on Tuesday morning when a wellspring of anger got triggered by a random event. Everything just fell into place and this is one of those moments when God spoke ahead of time (thank God for a God who sees all and knows all).

I can’t go into the details about what transpired in my few days of personal retreat but suffice to see something’s definitely happening in me. There’s just so much. I wish I could rush things forward as the start of change is always the hardest but I can’t. God’s timing & pace is always best. He’s never too slow and He’s never too fast. His timing is just right.

Anyways, Port Dickson was a good pick and Corus Paradise Resort was clean, simple and centrally located between Teluk Kemang and town. Not the greatest of resorts but I got used to it cos’ all I needed was a place to hunker in. I could’ve checked in to Avillion but decided against it as I had a great deal of just RM240 for a 3 day, 2 night stay where I was. I’ll write a bit more about Port Dickson in a future post.

So… what does one do on a personal retreat? Here’s what I did in the 3 days I was away:

  1. Switched off my phone (this was the hardest to do but it was worth it – when I finally kept it off on Sunday evening)
  2. Read (ask God to lead you to a book or two)
  3. Prayed every time I felt something stand out in my reading
  4. Looked out for God when I was out (I went for a short hike at the Teluk Rachado Lighthouse and caught a sunset at Teluk Kemang)
  5. Slept a lot
  6. Worshiped with my guitar

Its not too hard to go for a personal retreat and if we’re seeking Him wholeheartedly He definitely shows up. The question we have to ask ourselves always is are we prepared to listen and are we prepared to obey? If the answer is yes then He’s definitely gonna speak.

Till next time.


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