5 Things I Love & Hate About Android

T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile G2

I’ve been using my T-Mobile G2 now for close to half-a-year and here are 5 things that I absolutely love about Android:

  1. Tight integration with Google services. Gmail. Google Calendar. Tasks. I don’t think any other platform can say this about itself. The evil masterminds over at Google must have had a visionary roadmap in order for this to happen. Android was no accident.
  2. I love my keyboards. Android phone makers seem to be the only ones who still serve this segment of the market. I hate pure touch screen phones. I hate touch screen based keyboards even more.
  3. Swype. It’s cool. Even so, I still prefer my physical keyboard though.
  4. Widgets. Widgets are nifty. Apps too. Flash support three.
  5. Multiple home screens & the spiffy way in which wallpapers are oversized. Try an Android phone and you’ll see what I mean.

And here are 5 things that I hate about Android:

  1. Memory management is unpredictable. There is no true way to kill an app in Android even with a Task Killer.
  2. No Google Navigation support in Malaysia but then again I wouldn’t trust it over my Garmin nüvi.
  3. The built-in Mail app is horrible. Microsoft & Apple has done a better job supporting Exchange, POP & IMAP.
  4. Purchasing apps off the Market is not possible. Apple’s spot on about this one.
  5. Copy & paste functions are inferior compared to an iPhone.

On another note, RunKeeper Pro is the pits on my phone. I can’t get a GPS lock almost all the time but thankfully My Tracks which comes standard on my the T-Mobile version of HTC’s hardware is kinda OK. At least I can track my distance and time with that. It works way better compared to RunKeeper Pro. 😛

And there you have it. I’ll probably have to do a more complete write-up about my phone one of these days. I love it but I wonder if some of my gripes are a HTC thing or not. There isn’t a perfect phone out there. Yet. The iPhone’s probably the closest to perfection but I hate touchscreen-based keyboards so go figure.


4 thoughts on “5 Things I Love & Hate About Android

  1. Memory management is not unpredictable. It is just “automatic”. If you start an app and there’s not enough free memory, Android will kill the least used app that is still running and free its memory. If you have free memory, then nothing happens. Why do people insist in having free RAM. There are no performance problems caused by having 100% of RAM used. And freeing memory too aggresively (all the time) takes CPU time and battery. So Andoird does the right thing, postpone memory freeing until there’s no choice.

    • I disagree. At the very least Android should allow me to close apps permanently if I want to instead of giving the app free rein. When I look up memory usage I see all kinds of apps floating around consuming processor cycles and accessing the world wide web. That does not bode well for battery consumption. Tsk.

  2. Opening and closing an app many times drains battery too (reading it from flash memory, initializing data, etc.)
    The android model “freezes” apps in the background. When I look at runnig apps, I see them using memory but using 0% CPU.

    • The major concern is knowing what’s running and what’s not & having a measure of control over it. You can never tell with Android. For eg. sometimes I don’t even know if Whatsapp is running or frozen. And if I didn’t want it to run what then? It’s not just about power or processor cycle management.

      Having said all that it doesn’t mean I hate Android as a platform. I’m just pointing out some things that could be better. ~shrugs~

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