Paul (Movie Review)



Wo-hoo! Got to catch a sneak preview of this one last minute courtesy of my friend Sharon. Thanks for your generosity.

Anyways, Paul’s an interesting watch and it’s filled with pop culture references to comic books, sci-fi and the whole collector mentality that is very much a part of modern culture. I guess you could say it’s a very male thing to have an interest in these things (yes, I’m one of them) but the movie does make for a light watch.

To be honest, I expected it to be a whole lot funnier but despite my high expectations Paul has its moments. Watch out for the bar scene where the Mos Eisley Cantina is being played in the background by a country band. The movie meanders somewhat and isn’t as strong as a comedy so I don’t think I’d recommend this to a lot of people except pop culture geeks like me.

Seth Rogen is perfect as the crass & rude alien Paul and it’s a nice change to follow the entire adventure through the eyes of the two English protagonists played by Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Jason Bateman is pretty cool too as the MIB Agent Zoil. The cast is an eclectic one but somehow it works out in the end.

I give Paul an OK 2 out of 5. Mostly cos’ I expected it to be funnier.


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