THOR (Movie Review)



Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster is a so-so watch for the following reasons.

While I enjoyed the movie I must admit that expected a lot more from the execution. It didn’t really matter to me that Kenneth Branagh’s plot was simple; so it was pretty disappointing that there wasn’t as much action or characterisation in this one. The first IRON MAN had a plot that was simple but Jon Favreau’s decision to focus more on Tony Stark made a huge difference in that one. Since THOR is a god, it may have worked better for the movie to have concentrated more on the character in his banishment & in his repentance. I for one appreciate deeper characterisation in my  movies and for a movie like THOR that has years of backstory & material to plumb through, it’s odd that the movie didn’t go any further with him as a character but I suppose that’s always the curse of Marvel’s initial movies.

To be fair to the makers, Chris Hemsworth definitely looks & acts the part and the costume looks good. Natalie Portman as always is a delight but unfortunately Jane Foster as a character doesn’t really stand out as much. The special effects were pretty cool and Marvel fans would definitely get a buzz in the way THOR uses Mjolnir in combat. The casting of both Hemsworth & Anthony Hopkins as THOR & ODIN is spot-on so I don’t think fans would complain about that cos’ I definitely liked Chris Hemsworth as the Odinson.

Do keep an eye out for a certain archer who makes a cameo appearance mid-way in the flick. And also, don’t forget to stay back when the end credits roll for another piece of the puzzle to the upcoming AVENGERS movie that’s been teased at in both IRON MAN & HULK.

On the whole THOR is still a decent watch at the cinemas but I unfortunately I have to give this one a middling 2 out of 5.


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