Life on the Run



I’ve been running for over a year now and an epiphany of sorts hit me on one of my runs a couple of weekends ago. Here are some lessons that I’ve gleaned that day as I ran.

  1. Life is for the long-haul. It’s about going distance and it’s not so much about speed. You can sprint on ahead early but a measured pace gives you the ability to run long distance. Pacing ourselves in life is important too lest we burn out. Take time out but don’t totally get out of the game. Life’s not about kicking back fully when you need rest. If we hang back too much we’ll end up missing out on all that God has in store for us.
  2. Life like running is very much a one-man journey. You have no one else to measure up to but yourself. Sure, it’s encouraging to have other people alongside you on a run but your pace is your own. We can do our best measure up to other people’s expectations but I’m finding more and more that what God thinks of us matters more and God sees us at our best always (even when we don’t believe it ourselves).
  3. Life is about consistency. Running long distance requires discipline and to be able to get that finisher medal one has got to be able to stay to keep up the pace. I struggle with consistency in life. There are days when I’m shining bright like the morning sun but yet I still have days when I don’t feel at all like the “light” that God means me to be. God is helping me a lot in this area and by His grace I’ll be able to be as consistent as I am now in running daily.

That’s all from me tonight.

Vaya con dios amigos.


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