Bryan Singer Heroics

It’s been a quiet weekend and I’ve been watching Bryan Singer’s last few superhero movies in the background and re-visited X-Men, X2 and Superman Returns whilst puttering about the house to catch up on chores. Here are some of my thoughts on all 3 movies as I watched them today (in fact, Superman Returns is just about to end).



X-Men & X2

In all honesty I must say that both X-Men movies don’t feel as great as they did when I first caught them years ago in the cinemas. Bryan Singer is a great character director but somehow it just doesn’t work in X-Men. Of course it doesn’t help that the X-Men movies are Wolverine-centric movies but I must say that they did make the right decision to place Logan at the forefront of both flicks. Hugh Jackman is great as Wolverine as is Dutch actress Famke Janssen (whom I first caught in Golden Eye) as Jean Grey.

The X-Men!

The X-Men!

Of the two, X2 remains my favourite as we get a peek at Wolverine’s origin in that one plus the plot draws somewhat from the classic plotline in which Jean Grey transforms into Phoenix. X2 has an iconic scene at the close of the movie where we get a glimpse of a flaming phoenix burning at beneath the surface of the water. Scenes like that bring out the fan-boy in me.

On the whole, the X-Men movies seem to be dulled down by how realistic they try to make the movie. Both X-Men movies take themselves a little too seriously and all the black costumes are dull. Granted colourful spandex wouldn’t have worked but going with black somehow steals away some of the comic-book magic that I’ve come to associate with the X-Men.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman Returns still remains a favourite of mine (probably due to the fact that I have a very good memory connected with the movie). It’s pretty long and while it’s not epic, the human element works to make Superman more relatable. Bryan Singer pays multiple homages to the Richard Donner’s original movies. The characters have great chemistry and the underlying romance between Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane and Brandon Routh’s Superman is great stuff. The scene in which Superman eavesdrops on Lois where he overhears her saying that she doesn’t love him cuts me every single time.

Superman's Awesome Costume

Superman's Awesome Costume

The movie’s take on Superman’s costume is great too with little details like the texturing on the suit. The production values are a whole lot better in Superman Returns and the fact that it ties back to the original movies does give the Superman a lil’ more depth. I know most people don’t have good things to say about Superman Returns but I personally like it a whole lot just for the fact that the movie emphasises the Man more than the Super.

The funny thing about both X-Men and Superman Returns is that James Marsden is in all 3 flicks and sadly he plays second fiddle in love as Cyclops and as Richard Perry. Heh… that’s just a minor observation.

Anyways, we’re looking at a Superman reboot soon and I really, really hope they don’t make the new Superman movie as dark as Christopher Nolan’s Batman. I’m looking forward to this year’s Thor (May 6th) and X-Men: First Class (June 3rd). It’s gonna be a banner year for comic book heroes and for some reason I’m really looking forward to Thor and my expectations are pretty high for that one. Kenneth Branagh seems weird as the director of choice but with a history of Shakesperean movies behind him I’m thinking that it does seem like the perfect fit.

Till next time. Have a good weekend everyone!


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