The Umbrella Academy: Dallas (Comic Book Review)

The Umbrella Academy - Dallas

The Umbrella Academy - Dallas

I picked this one up a couple of weekends ago and it’s a way better read compared to Apocalypse Suite. Gerard Way builds on his characters and Dallas picks up directly after the first series with a huge focus on Number 5’s secrets. I suppose it really helps that I’ve read the first series which allows for Way to do much more with the characters on his second outing.

The book’s a great read and I’ve fallen more in love with the characters in all their quirkiness. The Umbrella Academy is not your average superhero book but be sure to pick up Apocalypse Suite cos’ you’ll be kinda lost if you jump into Dallas straightaway.

Gabriel Ba’s artwork is a delight and it’s pretty awesome how his clean art style can bring a range of emotions to the masked heroes that are the Umbrella Academy.

I give The Umbrella Academy: Dallas a time-traveling jaunted score of 4 out of 5.


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