Remembering 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s 2011!

It’s been a rough year in more ways than one but throughout it all God has been good and sustained me throughout despite me losing sight of Him a lot. Despite capping the year off with disappointment & failure on my part to figure out a major thing in my life I look towards 2011 with a heart that’s lighter. I spent most of yesterday reflecting on some of the highlights of 2010 so here they are in a somewhat chronological order.

  1. Breaking Sin
    My best buddy and Zone Leader confronted me on a major struggle in the first quarter of 2010 and since then I’ve made great strides in that. Yes, I do slip up here and there but I can stand with my head up high knowing that God really has enabled me to understand myself better in order to say no to temptation.
  2. Personal Fitness
    I’m really proud of where I’m at here. It took a lot of hard work but I’m at a stable 72 to 73kilos in weight with a consistent exercise regime of running and push-ups. In fact I’ve started running outside of the gym and am enjoying the times I get to run in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa which is just a skip & a hop from where I live.
  3. Work
    God’s really been good to me here. I got promoted in September and am now working very hard to head up a brand new department; focusing on content, ideas, social media management & internet marketing. The shoes I have to fill are big but with God’s help I know I can do it as long as I continue to remain humble whilst balancing out the need to be self-assured & decisive in leading the team. 

    I also helped to lead the team that launched the revamp of a brand new site for a major client. That was a proud moment and I can only give glory to God for this cos’ He helped hold things together despite the numerous delays & the many things that I am responsible for at work. The main idea that drove the whole revamp came from Him as I prayed and to see it come to pass is an awesome thing indeed.

  4. The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010
    I never thought I’d participate in a run this year but I did! And I have a finisher medal to prove that I crossed the finish line in the 10km category. I’m discovering that I do love to run and I’m looking forward to a few more 10km runs this year before I even consider taking on the 21km category.
  5. Letting Go
    I won’t elaborate on this so much cos’ it’s very personal but suffice to say God had to allow me to go through a lot in the past few years in order to help me see how tight a hold I have on things. There is more clarity now but I guess there’s gonna be a lot to clean-up of the mess I’ve made of things. I can only ask for God’s grace & mercy to intervene somehow to put things right. That’s a main prayer item for me as I enter 2011 but the lightness of heart is already a blessing from Him.

And that as they say was 2010 in a nutshell. Happy New Year everyone and I hope good things come your way in 2011 the more you can trust God in the things that weigh you down.

God bless!


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