Running the Race: 5 Essentials to Completing Your Run

My Race Bib & Chip

My Race Bib & Chip

While running the Penang Bridge International Marathon I discovered a few things that were pretty cool to me.  Here are some things that I learnt about running in a race that might help those of you who are interested to take it up.

  1. Before the race, collecting of your race bib (that cloth or paper thing with your registration ID) and also a tracking chip is essential. Also, make sure you secure the tracking chip to your shoes or the organisers won’t be able to measure your performance for you.
  2. If you’re new at running, then perhaps it’s a good idea to run in a race local to you rather than going out station. I was extra nervous the night before my run and couldn’t sleep much. Sleep is important before a race.
  3. Run at your own pace. Don’t worry about other people overtaking you. The only person you have to please is yourself.
  4. Don’t bring electronics with you. My boss’ BlackBerry died cos’ it rained  heavily half-way across the Penang Bridge.
  5. Power bars & power gel at the same time don’t mix. My colleague Deane threw up twice cos’ she OD-ed on “power” stuff.

And that as they say is that.


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