Thinking Bout Green

The GH Green Bag

The GH Green Bag

Of late I’ve been a lot more conscious about going green and I’ve been trying to carry re-usable bags with me instead of depending on plastic bags. In fact I carry a small bag with me for shopping in my laptop bag. Sadly, I’ve still not really gotten into the habit of using it cos’ I usually don’t shop after work so I’m still quite a ways off from making it a habit.

Solution: Carry more of these bags in my other backpacks.

Here’s hoping I can be more green in future. The world can be a greener place if each of us take a small step each to help reduce waste. We’ve only got one planet. God ain’t gonna give us another (I think).

In order to be more accountable, I just pledged to go green at DiGi’s Deep Green site and created the uber cool badge below on the site.

Check it out!


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