Megamind (Movie Review)



Megamind was GREAT! I took my parents out to watch it on Saturday afternoon and boy… was it FUN.

My mom laughed a lot and my dad slept thru the start a bit. Heh. It was a great watch and as much as it was fun for the kids, Megamind had a special tale for us adults too. Actions make a man, and not the other way around. Watching Megamind encouraged me to keep at things in life cos’ as much as people misinterpret me sometimes, I know that pressing on is always the best thing to do. What’s really awesome is that God spoke me along the same lines as I worshiped at church on Saturday evening. I guess Megamind really helped prepare me in some ways to receive from Him.

In short, Megamind is a highly recommended watch and I really liked Will Ferrell in this one. Tina Fey does a great job too. And let’s not forget Brad Pitt who plays a very Elvis Presley-like Metro Man.

I give Megamind a 5 out of 5.


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