Say No to Procrastination

Procrastinaters Sometimes Just Need a Kick in the Butt

Procrastinaters Sometimes Just Need a Kick in the Butt

I’ve been doing the best I can to apply yesterday’s reading in Our Daily Bread that dealt with procrastination. Hebrews 3:7-15 is a warning to not harden our hearts lest we fall away. As I read the passage it spoke to me tremendously about making a difference in my faith but I also felt the Holy Spirit remind me of the many things that I’ve left undone and so I’ve been doing the best I can over the weekend to cover the following things:

  • Spend time with my parents who were down over the weekend. The more the years go by, the more I realise how precious the time we have left. They aren’t getting any younger.
  • Compiling and cleaning up the PJ North 1 Leaders List. Am almost done with that, am just missing a few details that I need help from our PJN1 Zone Leaders.
  • Pick-up my suit & shirt from the dry-cleaners (am heading out in a bit to do this).
  • Do up my cell-group’s 4W roster (am gonna start on this tonight so I can mail it out later).
  • Write this post.

I’ve learnt that the key to not procrastinating is this:

  1. Just do it. Take a minute or two to prioritise. Make a judgement call. Then just do it.
  2. Try to ignore other things that come into your mind. If there are other things to look into (for work or in your own personal life) then jot it down somewhere on a to-do list and revisit it later. I really love Outlook cos’ it’s such a great productivity tool so I am trying to make it a habit to start each day with a to-do list so I can cover more ground in the time I have for that day.
  3. Keep at it. Overcoming procrastination doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been more productive at work and in my life lately by God’s grace and a lot of it stems from the fact that I commit a lot of my worries and feelings of being overwhelmed by life to Him. Prayer is a key thing for me.

I’m planning to hit the office running early tomorrow morning as I’ve got 2 major things at the back of my mind for work in the coming week:

  1. Ideation. We’ve been mobilising the office in brainstorms and there’s a tonne of ideation to do.
  2. Do some thinking about how to run my department. I really need God’s wisdom to help me lead this group of people that are my responsibility.

Hope this post helps ya’ll. Have a great start to the week tomorrow.

P.S. It really helps to let your emotions out every once in awhile. I was in church yesterday and as I worshiped I just cried and cried before the Lord. All the tiredness. All the stress. All the stuff that I’ve been working hard at. All the discouragement. As I sang to Him I just felt God’s love and His greatness overwhelm me (in a good way). It’s really awesome to know that I have a God who loves me & cares for me. And I know He loves you & cares for you too!


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