Takers (Movie Review)



G’day folks! This is an almost full review cos’ I had to leave the cinema close to the end of the movie. I don’t know the ending… ha ha! I left in the middle of a chase sequence in which the cops were chasing down Chris Brown’s character. Oh well…

Anyways, Heist is grittily shot and the heist plot  is reminiscent of Michael Mann’s Heat. The entire film has an MTV-type of vibe to it which makes it different from Heat. That’s the main thing that Takers had going for it in my opinion.

The cast is pretty strong and there’s a good chemistry between them all but I’d’ve to say Heist brings nothing new to the genre and had no surprises. It’s a decent watch and worth a gander if you’ve got nothing else to do on a weekend.

I give “Takers” a so-so 2 Stars out of 5.


2 thoughts on “Takers (Movie Review)

  1. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Takers, but very little that’s right. It may not be the best film I have ever seen, but the thrills are good, and the film was very fun at points. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    • Well… it was an alright watch but it didn’t really have any highlights that made it special. Movies are all about moments I think and Takers had very little. 😛

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