Life as We Know It (Movie Review)

Life as We Know It

Life as We Know It

Caught this one on impulse with 2 of my newest cell members and didn’t expect it to be a drama (that’s what happens when one is not up to date with trailers). I didn’t enjoy it as much cos’ I was expecting it to be a rom-com but it was a good watch nevertheless.

On the whole it was a pretty good movie about how unexpected events can turn life around; which in this case is the unexpected guardianship of a baby girl into the lives of the two leads.

Katherine Heigl as always plays “Katherine Heigl” whilst Josh Duhamel makes a decent appearance here as Heigl’s love interest/foil. Josh Lucas (whom I remember from Stealth) plays Heigl’s other love interest Dr. Sam who is the exact opposite of Duhamel’s character Messer. The cast has a great chemistry together and the baby girl in the movie melts your heart the moment you lay eyes on her. The plot’s kinda predictable but the journey to the end is a heart-warming one and there’s a big lesson throughout on how to love others selflessly.

I give “Life as We Know It” a decent 3 out of 5.


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