Breaking the Limit: A Simple HOW-TO

Break Free

Break Free

One of the hardest things about running is breaking barriers. In the short time that I’ve been running there are two things that I constantly strive to break:

  • Distance
  • Speed/time

Distance is the easier of the two to break cos’ once your body is conditioned to the speed you’re running at then it’s a simple matter of just running an extra minute or so as you up your game.

Speed, my friends is a different beast altogether as the moment you up your speed by 1kph the amount of time you can actually run drops dramatically. Taking my own experience as an example; about a month ago, I could comfortably run 4km in 30mins at a speed of 8kph. I just upped my pace to 9kph and now I’m only able to run 2.3km in 15:24 because of the following:

  • I get out of breath sooner
  • My legs ache after awhile
  • I don’t wanna risk my ankle getting busted again (walking around with a limp for 1 week ain’t cool)

A combination of those 3 factors I assume would be the main reason why pacing is the hardest thing to break. Anyways, here are some things that have worked for me in breaking the barriers of distance & speed in my 10 months of running.

  • When you up your pace, dial down the amount of time you spend running. You’ll get out of breath in jiffy. Trust me. So think big but start small.
  • Up the amount of time you run incrementally. I started running at 9kph and covered 1.5km my first time out and that was 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  • Be patient. Patience & diligence is key. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep at it and keep pushing yourself. You’ll get there eventually.

My overall goal is to be able to run at a speed of 10kph for 30mins which would give me a decent distance of 5km once I can hit it. Here’s looking to the future. Oh! And wish me luck as I head out for the Terry Fox Run on November 7th. It’s gonna be my first run ever. Thanks!

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Limit: A Simple HOW-TO

  1. Wah- fantastic and detailed analysis. Hope you can progress to finish the bridge ran. All that running sure has given you a trimmer and better looking figure. Love you, DAD

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