RED (Movie Review)



I caught an early screening of this one 2 nights ago and it definitely exceeded what was in the trailer. Sure, there were over-the-top sequences (especially the one where John Malkovich takes out a rocket that’s heading towards him with a pistol) but other than that the movie was great. The characters are memorable and the whole idea of retired spooks is a novel one. Oh, did I mention that RED is actually based on a graphic novel by DC written by Warren Ellis?

As always, Bruce Willis shines in an action role and he’s still as awesome as ever. The rest of the cast deserves a mention too; especially John Malkovich’s slightly mad character Marvin. I would definitely recommend catching this one at the cinemas cos’ it’s an entertaining watch from start to finish. The cast is an older one but they definitely have proven that they’ve still got what it takes to make a good actioner.

I give RED a solid 5 out of 5.


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