The Transforming WORD: Lessons from IDMC 2010

This year’s IDMC was especially meaningful to me and it was as if God had a personal word for me in almost every single session with Ps. Edmund. My first night was a deeply emotional one as I felt God remind me through Ps. Edmund that He is a GOD much bigger than anything and He has been waiting for me to get to this year’s conference to hear all these things about Him & His Word.

There’s just so much to share but if I’ll try to distill all that I’ve learnt into 4 main things in this post:

  1. ONE: Our God is a BIG God
    We hear this time and time again but do we really believe it? I used to believe that faith was dependent on how I felt when I prayed or how “powerful” I felt when I was praying for something. The paradigm shift here for me came from Matthew 17 in which Jesus tells His disciples that even faith as small as a mustard-seed can move mountains. It seems paradoxical but then Ps. Edmund shared the simple revelation that faith no matter how big or small is always rested on God. Our God is unchanging and all of us need to allow ourselves to be conformed to the truth rather than conforming the truth to our liking. The Bible consistently tells us of God & His character time & time again in every chapter & in every book but sadly we find it very hard to believe in Him because we let our problems turn God into a small God. Our faith is not in faith itself but it’s GOD.
  2. TWO: The Word is EXCITING
    I remember during the closing sessions of IDMC 2009, Ps. Edmund shared with us on the imagination & colour of the Word and this year it was really cool to delve deeper into that. I’ve grown to love reading the Word in the last few years. After this year’s conference I’m learning how to just let the Word breathe and to use imagination in reading the Word. Here are two things that can help us paint a more brilliant & magnificent picture when reading God’s Word:
    1. Use informed imagination by paying attention to the verbs & contrasts in any given text
    2. Read the tension in situations by seeing the context & setting in which a story is set in
  3. THREE: Truth in itself does not bring change, it is truth APPLIED that brings change
    I wrote this in my earlier post and it’s powerful to hear the same thing echoed at this year’s conference. I’ve been a Christian for such a long time and I am discovering more & more that I need to apply all that I know into daily living in order to be transformed. Ultimately I know that to be a Christian is to be Christ-like. The great news is that Christ-likeness occurs over time and it’s a process. In hindsight I am glad for all the challenges that have shaped me and I’m thankful for the responses that God has helped me make. There was a time when I was angry at Him but He loved me back to Him and for that I will forever be grateful to Him.
  4. FOUR: A RENEWAL of Mind is What We Need
    We all need a renewal of our minds. The ways of world is the exact opposite of God’s and in challenging situations the Devil’s persuasive whisper to us is “Give up… Why bother? What difference can we make when we make a stand on things or when we choose not to participate in something that every one else is doing?” Our minds need to be renewed and the only way that can happen is if we delve deeper into God’s Word. There can be no replacement to spending time reading the Bible and studying it in order to get the most out of it. If we believe the Bible is truth then why not let the truth transform us? That’s a challenge that I know I wanna take up because without a renewal of my mind I don’t think I’ll be able to run this race of life well.

I know I don’t fully reflect Christ just yet but I am encouraged to know that God sees the best in me and the Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The most awesome thing for me is that the very same lessons echo in some of the material I’ve been listening to via Ravi Zacharias’ podcasts so it’s as if God has been preparing me to cement these truths in my heart. Isn’t that amazing?

Seats for next year’s conference have already been snapped up so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to next year’s IDMC. But one thing I do know is that I can trust God to make a way for me if I’m meant to be at IDMC 2011.

Till next time.



2 thoughts on “The Transforming WORD: Lessons from IDMC 2010

  1. There’s a contradiction between 3 & 4.

    Truth alone does not bring change vs reading the Word of God brings about the renewing of the mind which enables us to Apply the Word into our lives.

    • Um… OK. I don’t think there is a contradiction though. I’m just outlining the lessons that I learnt. All my points are connected yes so if I were to order it, it’d be in this order:

      1. First, read the Word with more imagination & colour.
      2. Secondly, apply it.
      3. Thirdly, continue to read and realise the truth each day in order to bring renewal. Believe what the Word says, don’t just read it for the sake of reading it.
      4. Fourthly, keep applying everything that we’ve been learning.
      5. Finally, repeat the above for the next lesson (but don’t forget even old lessons have other facets to it that we can get deeper into).

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