IDMC 2010!

Hi everyone! I am so looking forward towards this year’s IDMC! The conference has been such a blessing and Ps. Edmund Chan’s sermons have been one of the reasons why I’ve gotten hungrier for God’s Word. I leave for Singapore today and I’m really looking forward to learning more at this year’s IDMC.

This year’s conference is titled “Knowing God’s Word: Moving from the HUH? To the WOW!” and it certainly is gonna be a rush cos’ I’ll arrive just in time for registration this evening. I hope I get to sleep on the bus cos’ I’m not much for sleeping on moving vehicles. Heh heh.

Moving from Huh to WOW!

Moving from Huh to WOW!

I guess God’s Word still leaves me puzzled at times and there’s loads of stuff that I am not applying in my life. There are times when I don’t fully understand some things but I’m thankful that each year that I go through the Bible, I understand His Word better. I’m learning to see Him in all my life now and like I’ve shared in previous posts, there’s just something about thanksgiving that opens up our eyes to Him. A heart without worship and an appreciation love for God blinds us to Him for some reason.

Being able to go for this year’s conference in itself is already a blessing and here’s why:

  • I originally didn’t get a place for sanctuary sitting but sometime early this year a place opened up and God blessed me with a seat.
  • I originally was planning on staying at a hotel but God has blessed me with a host and I’ll be staying with them throughout the next 4 days.
  • I’m thankful cos’ even though I have a lot of responsibilities at work, my management trusts me enough to take these few days off and trust me enough to cover things when I get back.

I don’t want my experience in Singapore to just be an increase in head knowledge and I pray that as God’s Word comes alive in me that my knowledge of Him will become more heart knowledge that will transform me through & through. For that I need to be open to the Holy Spirit and I’m learning that the natural tendency is for us to resist truth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that God wants us to surrender to Him and with that surrender we are to obey as well. It’s not easy to obey God because we don’t really believe that obeying Him leads to good things. And by good things I don’t just mean blessings here on earth but I am also referring to change in character, spiritual gifts, etc. It’s the intangible stuff that we take with us into eternity and sometimes hard lessons in life are the only things that can grow these things in us.

I must admit that it can be a long strenuous journey. At times I feel like giving up but I’m thankful that God comes alongside me to encourage me. I’m thankful too for the many people who have spoken into my life; my parents, my leaders in church and my best friends have all been partners with me in this race.

Anyways, here’s to an exciting time in Singapore and also the opportunity to catch up with some of my good friends there. See ya’ll in a couple of days!


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