3 Reasons Why I Run

I Run

I Run

It just hit me that I’ve been running for over half a year and I’m glad that I started on this. Results have been OK so far I guess. As for weight loss, I actually haven’t been weighing myself of late which I’ll probably have to do today when I get back.

But anyways, I’m digressing; here are 5 reasons why I love running:

  1. Number One
    It makes me feel good. Is it the endorphins? Is it the kick? I suppose it’s a combination of these things but what I makes me feel good is that I’m actually doing something about my fitness and in time I do believe it’d effect permanent weight loss.
  2. Number Two
    I get to have some think time on top of my regular time with God.
  3. Number Three
    I feel alive when I run. There’s just something about feeling my lungs burn as I inhale and exhale that makes me feel alive.

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