3 Facts About Physical Exercise

Give ME 80!!!

Give ME 80!!!

Getting back into exercise again has been difficult. First off, it’s been difficult settling back into a regular routine as I’ve gotten so used to not exercising but one thing I’ve learnt about exercise it’s that it’s all about breaking mental barriers. Here are 3 physical facts that I’m learning first hand right now as I restart my exercise regime after almost 2 months of being out about it regularly:

The biggest obstacle is not your physical state. It’s your mind. My busy little id is very negative in the mornings and keeps telling me “you can’t do it” and “what’s the point?!” Arrgh! That’s probably the biggest thing I have to overcome right now. My mind is my biggest enemy. Frank Herbert was right! Fear IS the mind killer…

The first thing that goes physically is your stamina & lung capacity. Gosh, it’s so much harder now to maintain 30mins at running speeds. I’ve resorted to re-setting my expectations to be able to run consistently at one speed. I was able to run at the following pace:

  • 6mins at 8kph
  • 3mins at 6kph
  • 1min at 10kph
  • 4mins at 6kph
  • 1.5mins at 10kph
  • 4.5mins at 6kph

That’s a huge drop from 2 months ago cos’ I was able to run for 30mins at a consistent 7kph. But the past is the past and right now I have the opportunity to rebuild slowly at a higher running speed of 8kph. My target tomorrow would be 7mins at 8kph.

Ah! The biggest surprise which was the encouraging bit was that my physical strength remained. I’m still able to do 80 push-ups!

Wish me luck as I start this up again! Mind over MATTER! MIND over matter!!! šŸ˜›


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