Inception (Movie Review)



Inception was as good as the reviews said although I wouldn’t call it my best movie of 2010. I should think that I was impacted by some of the other movies that I’ve caught this year. Christopher Nolan does a great job with this gripping actionesque thriller that does a real mind-job on viewers with its metaphysical concept on what reality is.

Inception is equal parts thriller, action and drama all rolled into one. Leonardo DiCaprio does another bang-up job in the lead role here and the way Nolan ties the tense moments is brilliant just because of the movie’s concept of dreams within dreams. Ellen Page deserves a worthy mention and it’s great seeing Nolan pulling from his regular pool of actors with Ken Watanabe & Michael Caine (in a cameo) on board.

Really good stuff and definitely worth picking up when it comes on Blu-Ray or DVD. In this case I’ll most likely pick it up on DVD cos’ I don’t think it’ll justify a hi-res disc purchase. I give Inception a 4 out of 5.


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