The Yellow Light of Death: @PlayStation This One’s for You

My Precious?

My Precious?

After 2 years plus of faithful service my poor ol’ white PS3 has succumbed to hi-tech complications and the worst part is that I’ve always used it moderately and taken care of it. Just a couple of months ago it started displaying the following symptoms:

  1. PS3 is powered up and the LED turns RED indicating it is on standby
  2. I switch it on, the unit beeps indicating it is powering up. The LED turns GREEN indicating it’s powering up.
  3. My PS3 beeps and the LED flashes YELLOW then it shuts down.
  4. What follows can only be described as Ultra Man-like cos’ the RED LED just blinks and blinks and blinks.
  5. I have to repeat the process at least 3 to 8 times before I can get it on.
  6. What’s more the system shuts itself down occasionally. *sighs*

I had a chat with my friends over at Gamer’s Hideout and I found out that this a pretty regular occurrence witn PS3s. Although not as bad as the XBOX 360’s 3 ROD problem, the problem has enough occurrences to garner its own monicker online – the YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH or YLOD for short. From what little I’ve read on so far the problem occurs for two reasons:

  1. Some sort of problem with the heatsink that’s located in the innards of the PS3; or
  2. A loose harddrive

My brother tried option 2 but to no avail and the tools needed to muck around with the heatsink aren’t readily/easily available; which is why I dropped off my unit at Gamer’s Hideout to get a technician to look at it. The PS3’s a great machine but I’m truly annoyed that it just upped & semi-died on me for no good reason other than age. The build quality on hi-tech stuff is really suspect and it’s pretty disheartening to realise that some of these gadgets get pushed out to market so quick and not be given the time to be thoroughly tested due to market demands.

I miss my PS3 now more for its Blu-Ray playback cos’ I’ve been using it more for movies now than for actual gaming. I hope the technician can fix it cos’ it’d be pretty crummy to have to get a new one. The good news is that the HDD sizes are being increased in upcoming units but the bad news is that I heard that the current builds for the PS3 Slim have the same YLOD problems that occur much sooner during the ownership cycle. *sighs*

Where’s the pride that comes with making a product that lasts? I thought consoles were supposed to last a generation not die half-way in a generation. @PlayStation, I hope you are reading this cos’ as much as I love the PS3, an occurrence like this lowers my faith in the brand tremendously. The price for hi-tech tech is faster degradation apparently which doesn’t speak much for pride in workmanship in this day & age of fast moving consumables. It’s a good thing I have my Nintendo DSi to occupy what little downtime I have after work & church stuff. Nuff’ said.


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