The Post Lunch Coma

Post Lunch Coma

Post Lunch Coma

The delightful syndrome known as Post Lunch Coma (or PLC for short) occurs daily and is the result of:

  1. A lack of sleep the night before plus lunch
  2. A super heavy lunch
  3. A long drive back home after lunch

How do you identify if you’ve contracted PLC? Here are some symptoms that’ll help you identify if you are suffering from PLC:

  1. A bloated tummy
  2. Droopy eye-lids
  3. Constant yawning
  4. An inability to concentrate on work

Long live PLC… I think.


One thought on “The Post Lunch Coma

  1. Bloated tummy is not always there, but you missed out the desire to hibernate and the inability of loud and annoying music to wake a person up as symptoms too!

    Also, estimated daily schedule is around 2.30pm to 4.00pm. No amount of coffee can help. šŸ˜›

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