Old Man Logan (Comic Book Review)

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan

This one is a must-read for all Wolverine fans out there. The writing’s great and Mark Millar does a bang-up job depicting a broken Wolverine 50 years in the future. Hawkeye features prominently in the story and it’s pretty cool seeing him old but yet still very much a bad-ass. Steve McNiven’s art in this one is good but not as good as what you’d find in Civil War.

Wolverine & Hawkeye

Wolverine & Hawkeye

“Old Man Logan” is quite an easy read and you’ll find yourself going through the tradepaperback in just under 2 hours I believe. I finished reading the whole thing in 2 sittings and I would have done it in one sitting if not for my lack of rest last Sunday afternoon.

The fun part was seeing “old” versions familiar characters & villains set in the wastelands of America and finding out how things are the way they are as the story unfolds.

Really, really good stuff especially for fans of the Ol’ Canuckle Head. I give “Old Man Logan” a solid 4 stars out of 5.


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