Iron Man 2 a Second Time Around

Good day True Believers!

The weekend’s come and gone but here’s a memento to remember Iron Man 2 courtesy of MySciFiOutpost having 2 dudes dressed up as Iron Man & War Machine in 1U. Heh.

Iron Man, War Machine & Me

Iron Man, War Machine & Me

Surprisingly my 2nd watch with my some of my cellies was a lot enjoyable than my first. I must say that part of my disappointment with Iron Man 2 was the fact that I loved Iron Man so much and my expectations was really high. I suspected that a 2nd watch would be better and I was right!

In hind-sight I think Jon Favreau did a good job with the movie but I still have an utter disdain for the birthday party scene in which Tony Stark gets drunk in his armour. That scene leaves a huge distaste in my mouth. Yucks! It’s an awful scene. Iron Man 2’s a keeper for sure cos’ I’ll definitely pick it up on Blu-ray when it comes out which speaks a lot for the movie actually despite my initial review.

Have a good weekend ya’ll, And if you haven’t yet caught Iron Man 2 do lower your expectations or better yet have no expectations at all cos’ you’ll enjoy the movie a whole lot more with that mindset. Also, don’t forget to wait for the credits to play out for a lead-in to Marvel Studio’s upcoming big super-hero release in 2011.


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