Dead Space (PS3 Review)

Dead Space

Dead Space

I know, I know. This game is old but better late than never right? I borrowed Dead Space from a colleague of mine ages ago last year and played through it half-way before returning it to him. Now almost a year later I decided to complete it and boy am I glad that my bud WL over at work loaned it out to me again so that I could finish it.

Dead Space is a great! Plotwise it’s great sci-fi writing as the story mixes up religion, science and horror as its main themes. It’s pretty cool too that everything in the game engine keeps you in the game world rather than throwing you out of it with menus and such. I really liked the fact that story exposition occurred via in-game audio & text logs that you find plus a cool HUD interface that appears holographically for the various conversations with other characters. Neat! Stuff like that shows up on if you have a HD display which was why I stopped playing the game in the first place. Boy am I glad I’ve got my HD monitor and TV now. It sure makes a big difference in the game experience.

It’s good creepy fun especially at the start of the game when your weapons aren’t as good. Admittedly Dead Space was tougher at default difficult levels so being the wuss that I am; I played the game on the easiest difficulty just to get a hang of the combat system but found it to be a lot more fun as a start. I’m tempted to play the game at a higher difficulty setting now that I’ve finished the game but I’m neglecting that at the moment to collect trophies on a new run of the game. It’s a whole lot of fun to run through the game with all my upgraded weapons & armour zapping necromorphs. Give the Line Gun a try! Once it’s upgraded fully it causes major damage & kills enemies in a single shot! Heh heh.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to Dead Space 2 and it’s pretty cool that teasers of the new game were released as I headed towards completion. Give this one a try if you can find a copy of the game or better yet drop by Gamer’s Hideout over at e@Curve in Mutiara Damansara or Tropicana City Mall to rent the game. As for me I’m pretty tempted to buy it off my colleague 2nd hand but see how la.

I give Dead Space a solid 5 out of 5.


4 thoughts on “Dead Space (PS3 Review)

  1. Actually felt a bit nauseous whilst playing the game, might be better on the PC? Actually bought the strategy guide for this today for A$8 (can’t resist a good sale!).

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