Iron Man 2 TONITE! Yeah!

Iron Man Month at

Iron Man Month at

Yay yay! Iron Man 2 is on tonite! We’ve got our tickets. We’re all revved up for it and it’s systems GO for a repulsor-driven rocket ride to adventure at the cinemas tonight! Jon Favreau, you’re our only hope!

To celebrate the opening of Iron Man 2 in Malaysia, here are two more wallpapers made just for phones with a 480 by 640 resolution that’d fit most smartphones. I made them a couple of days ago courtesy of images I found off that feature the artwork of Iron Man fan fav Adi Granov.

Fully painted artwork always leaves me with a sense of awe. I don’t know if Granov works with traditional mediums or if he’s into digital-painting but I’m sure you’d agree with me that his work is pretty phenomenal. No one comes close to him when it comes to illustrating ol’ Shellhead.



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